A Way to Establish Cause & Effect Relationship …..Design of Experiments or DoE

    Amrendra Roy



    Mostly what happens during any investigation is that, we collect lot of data to prove or disapprove our assumption. Problem with this methodology is that, we can have false correlation between variables

    e.g. increase in the internet connection and death due to cancer over last 4 decades!

    Is there a relation between the two (internet connections and death due to cancer)? Absolutely not, so in order to avoid such confusions we need to have a way to establish such relationships. In this regard we use DoE, these are statistical way of conducting experiments which establishes cause & effect relationship. General sequence of events in DoE is as follows


    Why DoE is important at R&D stage?

    Just remember these two quotes

    “Development speed is not determined by how fast we complete the R&D but by how fast we can commercialize the process”

    “Things we do before tech transfer is more important that what is there in tech pack!”


    In order to avoid the unnecessary learning curves, and to have a control on the COGS we need to deploy QbD as shown below


    Details will be covered in DoE chapter

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