Understanding 6Sigma: Example-1 — Child’s Counter Argument

    Amrendra Roy


    We have seen the situation from parent’s angle (see earlier blog), now consider student as the customer and parent as supplier and student (or customer) is trying to convince his father by arguing “look dad, all universities with ranking 1 to 10 are same, it is just a statistical rating that is done for attracting students, it changes every year and the universities that you are talking about are best in science, but I want to study law for which a particular university with 6th rank is the best”. As an understanding father (supplier or vendor), he finds the argument too strong to be opposed any further and agrees to his son’s specification i.e. he modifies his current process (expectation). Here Student is setting the specifications (VOC) and father is accepting it (VOP). The process of convincing the father is six-sigma which bridges the gap between them.


    Let’s be little philosophical

    All of us had a dream during college days that I want to be this, I want to be that. What we did is to provide ourselves with a specification about our future life or VOC. We were also aware about our current capability (VOP) but we never took pain of performing a gap analysis and as a result we couldn’t take appropriate steps to reduce the gap between our desire and our capability, ultimately landing somewhere else in our life. Our desires are still our desires only.

    Can we apply six-sigma to build our career? Or at least help our children in doing so?


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