Understanding 6Sigma: Example-1– Encouraging your Child for Admission in a Good University!

    Amrendra Roy


    As a parent you must have had an argument with your child that he should work hard in order to ensure a seat in top 3 universities.
    Your child is also good at studies and he is aware of his current capability that he can easily get admission in universities with ranking from 4 to 6 but has to work hard to compete for top 3 universities.
    If we consider parent as a customer, then what customer is demanding is the admission in top 3 universities. This is called as “voice of customer” (VOC).

    If you consider your child as a supplier, then with his current efforts (current process) he can guarantee admission in the universities with ranking 4-6. This is called as voice of process” (VOP).


    There is a gap between what customer wants (VOC) and what your current process (VOP) can deliver. Both are independent processes but it is desired that VOP should match VOC.

    Your child understood this and made a plan to fill the gap by making more efforts.

    Above methodology of bridging the gap between customer’s specification (VOC) and the current process capability (VOP) is called as 6Sigma and the methodology used is DMAIC.

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