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    It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to this website. This is not just another website on six-sigma as our USP is to make you learn all six-sigma concepts using figures and diagrams. During last 7-8 years we developed our own way of learning applied statistics with the help of diagrams and figures. During this journey we also found that each statistical topic always have some connections with other topics and we can’t study any topic in silos.

    We understand that there are many people who want to learn six-sigma but are unable to do it because of the statistics involved. Our website would help all those six-sigma aspirants to understand the statistical concepts with the help of figures and diagrams. This would be augmented by the industry related example. Hence this would be an ideal website if you wish to appear for green/black belt exam from a reputed institute. 

    Another major issue during applying six-sigma is the “use of right tool at the right place”. Hence our focus would not only to understand the concepts behind any statistical tools but also about selecting an appropriate tool for a given situation.

    This website will start posting the six sigma topics (mainly statistical portion) from first week of July, 2016. Hence get registered as soon as possible. The way we are planning to run the course is by posting one topic every week so that we can understand it well before taking subsequent topic. Each topic will be followed by examples so that one can understand not only the concepts but also the use of appropriate tools.

    We also understand that many of you won’t be having access to the six-sigma software, so we will be using excel sheet sheet in resolving statistical problems. We are emphasizing on excel sheet as it is available to all. Hope you won’t be having excuse of not learning six-sigma because of non-availability of the software.

    Good Luck

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