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  • Understanding the Difference Between Long and Short Term Sigma

  • Fishing and Hypothesis Testing!

  • Hypothesis testing is a procedure of estimating the average weight of all fishes (not possible to calculate till we take out all the fishes = population) in the pond based on the data obtained from the sample of fishes caught for purpose. Since hypothesis testing is based on the sample data hence, there would be some inherent error in estimating the population parameter. Because of this error we would get an interval instead of a particular value for the population parameter.
  • “p-value” What the Hell is it?

  • In business decisions when we want to compare two processes, we have a theoretical limits represented by α and a corresponding experimental value represented by p-value. If p-value (experimental or observed value) is found to be less then the α (theoretical value), then two processes are different.
  • Conceptualizing “Distribution” Will Help You in Understanding Your Problem in a Much Better Way

  • You will be surprised that we all are aware of this concept of distribution and we all are using it intuitively all the time! Don’t believe me? Let me ask you a simple question, to which income class do you belong? Let’s assume that your answer is middle income class. On what basis did you made this statement? Probably in your mind you have following distribution of income groups and based on this image in your mind, you are telling your position on this distribution that you belong to the middle income group. When we say that my child is not good at studies, you are drawing a distribution of all students in your mind and implicitly trying to tell the position of your child towards the left of that distribution. Whenever we talk of adjectives like rich, poor, tall, handsome, beautiful, intelligent, cost of living etc., we subconsciously, associate a distribution to those adjective and we just try to pinpoint the position of a given subject onto this distribution.
  • 7QC Tools: Why do we Require to Plot X-bar and R-charts Simultaneously

  • The main purpose of the control charts is to monitor the health of the process which, is done by monitoring both, accuracy and the precision of the process. Control chart for mean is used for studying the accuracy of the process whereas the control chart of variability for the precision of the process.
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